My Poems

Sparks of love turn into fires;
Raging flames of love's desires.
Eyes smile; hearts race,
Galloping, at love's pace.
The darkest night turns into day,
Burning bright with love's ray.
All the world may quake with fears.
All the world may weep in tears.
None shall mar love's bliss,
That holds the whole world in a kiss.

Note: the above poem is going to be published in _Memories of Tomorrow_, coming out winter of '96 :)

Lazy, limacious, loitering louse
Get off your bum and get out of my house.
I'm sick of your lying, your whoring, your drinking.
Now I'm gonna tell you just what I've been thinking.
It's finished, finito, it's through and it's over.
I keep the kids, the money, and Rover;
Take only the goldfish and busfare to go
Out of my life, you lowest of low!

Odd and sublime
Oh, how you puzzle me
Vex, ire, and trouble me
Make me go crazy and lead me to rhyme

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                                (c) 1996  
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